overview of the course

Welcome to Explore Japanese Food (Japanese lesson & food knowledge) course!

In this lesson, I will give you an overview of the course.

I believe this combination of Japanese food knowledge and language will motivate you and hopefully prevent you from being overwhelmed with the learning process. We start with 10 common Japanese phrases when eating which is important to say in Japanese culture. Then we focus on useful phrases related Japanese food experience such as going to a restaurant or cafe, and finally you will learn about Japanese dishes. There is plenty of information on the internet that provides you with bits and pieces of knowledge, which can be overwhelming. This course is designed to tie everything together in such a way that will allow you to move at your own pace with clear instructional videos to help you to understand Japanese language and bit of food culture.

Best Practices

If you have any questions or are curious about topic related to Japanese food, please leave comments!

Please download (Downloadable materials available) and print out PDF "Explore Japanese food - my wish list & Japanese sentences note-" and write them down as you go over the course.

Try a mini-quiz at the end of every lesson to review key points.

In total, this course includes over 4-hours of content + over 50 quiz. If you are new to learning Japanese, go at your own pace. You will find that each module is built upon the one before it so that you can understand based on what is useful for you. You have lifetime access so you can pause the program and come back to it later on when you are ready to move on to the next timelines. That said, the course is free form so if you want to just jump around, by all means, go ahead. I break down each consideration in each area and you can easily move through these at your own pace or focus on certain subject matter first if you are more concerned about specific topics.

If you prefer to jump around, just select the lesson you would like to watch from the course, and press play!

My heartfelt hope is that this course helps you to discover how simple phrases or communication will contribute to your Japanese food experience meaningful, and that it becomes part of your life.

Now let’s jump into the first Module. Thank you for joining me and enjoy the course!

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